You say you came from among the hoard.
I met you on my Ouija board.
We talked for some time, and you taught me a bit.
Sometimes I wonder if I should have just quit.

You said you’d stick with me to the end.
You promised that you’d be my only friend.
I like to think that everything you told me was true.
I’d love to spend some more time with you.

A gallon of blood and the wings of a bat
mixed with some nightshade and the scalp of a cat.
You swore to give me that which I lack.
Was it a lie, or was it because my cat wasn’t black?

I finally decided it was time to give up and go
after waiting around fourteen days or so.
If only I waited two weeks and a day, then I could have seen Zozo…

… to take me away.



Miss Information

Up is down, and left is right.
Direction is irrelevant
once you’ve lost your ability for flight.

Right is wrong, and darkness is light.
It’s becoming more evident
that your eyes have lost their sight.

Winning is losing, and humility is might.
If only I shared the sentiment
that what you are doing is always right.

Dying is living, and demons don’t bite.
I hope you see me as eloquent
when I smile and wish you a “good night.”


Salvador Dali Paintings 158


You slowly feel your heart stop
trapped in a candied soul.
Then you bleed your first drop
as red as a bullet-hole.

You feel lost in this new ruby maze
with a new key to creation.
Don’t be confused, it can be a phase
and not just punctuation.

This is what it’s like to join the pack,
so don’t fret or have a heart attack.
It’s not punishment for some wicked sin,
you’re just learning what it means to be a woman.



Noting Worth Nothing

Since the time I was born, I couldn’t wait to die,
and just that thought made me so happy I could cry.
I’ll never be quite the same as I was back then
since everything I once did is repeating all over again.

The truth is always buried beneath clever lying and wit,
and I tend to always remember that the moment  I forget it.
I dream during the day because this reality is fake,
and when I close my eyes, I dream of being awake.

I’ll never know everything, and that truly shows
that everything is exactly what ignorance knows.
I calmly look behind my eyes, and then I see:
nonsense always made the most sense to me…



Lord, Have Mercy

Dear diary,
my anxiety
keeps me from being one of the heard.

Infinity –
its great mystery
is like nothing I have encountered.

Oh Trinity,
if we could be free,
then we could soar like two true lovebirds.

It is not for me.
Lost in my own dreams would be preferred.

It’s plain to see
that my self pity
is an art I have truly mastered.

My death will be
a calamity.
Is it Heaven or Hell I’ve entered?




“You’re my fucking gun,”
she said.
She wanted to sacrifice
both herself and her eggs.

I told her,
“I’ll fire a bullet into your head,
and fire a child
between your legs.”

Children are our suicide –
a seed that feeds on what
the dead have left behind.
Slowly, this grows into hate.
They are cursed to loiter the Earth
and forever remind
everyone left why we died.

Their youth will kill us off,
and then
they will be left with nothing,
but the patience to wait.
One day they can show the world
that we can’t do anything.

Our life is like a revolver…
It comes around full circle.



Under the stars, on the hood of my car, we watch
the heavens collapse upon themselves tonight.
Embrace in the erasure of our celestial blotch.
With your head on my shoulder, it is alright.
For when the sky drops down on our heads
amidst this crashing downpour of crimson rain,
I will happily accept that we already made our beds,
and your contagious smile hides your pain.
In the wake of the rapture we were left on our own,
but at least I lived as Shakespeare rather than Petrarch.
With lack of evidence we could not have known,
but at least we saved each other, and we made our mark.
God may be dead in the eyes of Nietzsche.
He let this world think that everything is peachy.